What Can Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Rate?

Your personalized quote for homeowners insurance is not seen on any type of static chart that compares your age, home value and deductible information to a set price. Homeowners insurance quotes are specifically created for each customer and are based on the very unique details of your lifestyle and living area. Here’s a sampling of what several of the factors involved in your premium pricing consist of:

The age of your home: Older homes are less fortified against natural disasters than newer homes, and are also more costly to fix. Newer houses are constructed to new safety standards and with more durable materials. What does this mean for you? That if you have an older house, you can expect a more expensive Longview home insurance quote.

The structure of your house: Wood frame houses are susceptible to fire in a way that concrete block and brick houses are not. Concrete houses can also stand up to harsher environmental elements. That makes wood frame homes more costly to insure.

The breed of dog you own: You might assume your dogs have no effect on the price of your homeowners insurance premium—but then, you’d be incorrect. Some breeds of dog are known for their tendency to attack strangers. While your dog might be perfectly trained and accepting of a tummy rub from anyone on the block, if you have one of the higher risk breeds then the status of the breed supersedes Rex’s prior behavior and will result in a higher insurance premium due to heightened liability.

Fire protection options: Smaller towns do not always possess their own fire department. Instead, they might have a volunteer team to fight the small flames, with the bigger city force lending a hand to handle the bigger fires. The type of fire fighting department you have access to in your home will help determine what types of premiums you are charged for your insurance. Additionally, your proximity to a fire hydrant can impact the rates you are charged—with closer proximity compensated with lower premiums.

Insurance companies need to know all the facts when they are evaluating your home for homeowners insurance coverage. Each of the specifics above, along with numerous others, come together to create a picture of the total risk you and your family expose the insurance company to. It is this complete picture with both positive and bad points that will determine the premium you are charged.

For more information about home insurance, give Shipman Insurance Agency a call at 866-515-7007.


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